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Leo provides music services for films, games, and documentaries. He can create custom music, turn your scores into full orchestrations, and even improve existing pieces. Leo works closely with you to make sure the music fits your project perfectly and is delivered to a high standard.



If you're in need of music for different types of media, including film, short film, video game and documentary, Leo is happy to help. Depending on your requirements, it can either be bespoke to you, written for a certain deadline or taken from his portfolio of music available for use.



Looking for your music piece to be professionally orchestrated? Provide Leo with your score and details (e.g., ensemble size, involved forces), and he will deliver the finished orchestration to you.



Leo can rewrite a piece of music with additional new material or flesh out an existing idea for an ensemble of any size. He will work collaboratively with the writer with the aim of bringing out what the writer was trying to convey when they wrote it. Leo may suggest or make changes in the style, arrangement, or instrumentation of the work, and will also add finishing touches and do the creative mixing. Leo has the ability to interpret ideas and provide creative inspiration when desired. He works within the guidelines provided by the writer, producer, or music director on how a composition should be treated, but is also able to make adjustments to make the piece more effective. Leo listens closely to feedback and is committed to creating a final product that meets the vision of all involved.



Leo can provide excellent music preparation and copying work in an efficient fashion, and to an exceptional standard. He works in a professional way to ensure the client gets what they need.



Leo is proficient in realising a piece of music for orchestra or other ensemble through using virtual instruments to make the most realistic sound possible. This allows for clear and professional music, without the hiring of a recorded orchestra or large-scale ensemble.

“Leo is a true professional and a pleasure to work with. He recently undertook a music preparation job for me - he is conscientious and ultra detailed. Highly recommended!"

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