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“Music is an experience, not a science.”

Ennio Morricone


 Composer    Orchestrator    Arranger

Combining an unmatched passion for music with his natural talent, Leo is pursuing his dream of being a composer for films, video games and other media. Stay up to date on him, his latest developments and take a look at some examples of his musical work.


About Leo

Leo Holder, a Trinity Laban Conservatoire graduate renowned for his distinctive compositions and performances. Uncover his path from excelling in trumpet and piano to creating music for different types of media and receiving acclaim under the guidance of esteemed composers.

Leo's Services

Expertise in music composition, arranging, music preparation, and orchestration. Leo uses his passion and deep understanding of music to create compositions that tailor to your needs. Leo is also highly proficient in orchestral programming, skillfully creating rich, dynamic arrangements that capture the depth and nuance of a live orchestra. Listen to one of Leo's pieces below.

Orchestral demoLeo Holder
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Latest Tracks

Leo's latest tracks highlight his skill in creating complex and engaging music compositions, blending various styles with a distinctive flair. His work on SoundCloud offers a glimpse into his sophisticated approach to music-making, appealing to those who appreciate intricate and thoughtfully crafted music.


Music Videos

Leo Holder has collaborated with filmmakers and animators to pair his music with engaging visuals. These collaborations bring a new dimension to his compositions, offering viewers a combined audio-visual experience, something which Leo finds fascinating.

“Leo is a true professional and a pleasure to work with. He recently undertook a music preparation job for me - he is conscientious and ultra detailed. Highly recommended!"

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